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Dispute Resolution in International Construction Contracts


Theo Demetriou


Theo is a Director and has been a member of the firm’s practice since 2012. Theo is part of the firm’s litigation department and his main areas of focus are Arbitration, Commercial Law, Dispute Resolution, Energy Law, Litigation, Real Estate and Construction and Public and Administrative law.

Having considerable experience in matters of construction claims and arbitration he advises and litigates on behalf of some of the largest contractors in Cyprus. In relation to arbitration, both international and domestic, Theo has considerable experience in upholding or setting aside arbitral awards as well as in relation to proceedings for enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.

He also advises and litigates on behalf of some of the largest semi-public bodies in Cyprus such as the Electricity Authority of Cyprus, the University of Cyprus and the Open University of Cyprus. Due to his hands-on experience as a litigator and his knowledge of the legal framework surrounding semi-public bodies he is adept at recognising the complicated relationship between public and private law.

Theo appears before both the District and Supreme Courts and also litigates before both domestic and international arbitral tribunals.

In relation to non-contentious advice, Theo opines for and advises a number of semi-public bodies in relation to both contractual matters and their administrative function.

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